Original Hand Crafted Fine Art Wood Burnings.

Fisheries & Wildlife
Science Illustration
Asian Tattoo Design
Polynesian Tribal
Custom Lettering
  1. Wall Art
    Options Include: Routed Basswood plaques, gallery profiled professional framed Maple and Birch wood panels, and customized sectionals.
  2. Bars, Tables, Furniture
    Pyrography can be applied to any unfinished wooden surface. Most wood surfaces can be stripped, burned, and re-surfaced to include perpetual art.
  3. Pricing
    Commissions Rates: Pyrography (woodburning) $2.50/Sq Inch. Oil Painting $3/Sq Inch. Acrylic Painting $2.50/Sq Inch. Color Pencil $2.50/Sq Inch. Special pricing available with larger burns and furniture renovation.
  4. Wood Selection
    Light-colored woods such as sycamore, basswood, poplar, balsa, beech, maple, and birch are most commonly used. I carefully select each cut of wood for every project based on hardness, grain, figure, texture, color, and physical characteristics. I strive to have the subject leap from the grain.
  5. Wood Renovation
    Any wood item already finished can be sanded down to its original state, wood burned, and re-finished to a new life. Case by case basis.
  6. Original Custom Illustration
    Eight years experience in commercial illustration and four years experience in the tattoo industry. I will take on illustrating just about any subject. .
  7. Tattoos
    Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment. Thursday to Saturday 2pm to 9pm. Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium 706 Crain Hwy N Glen Burnie, Maryland
  8. Illustrations
    Focus on: Fisheries & Wildlife Science Illustration Asian Tattoo Design Polynesian & Cultural Aesthetics Mediums: Prismacolor Marker & Pencils Razertip Pyrography
  9. Original Paintings
    I work in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media. Stretched canvas by commission only, I prefer to work on wood panel.